Agni Larsen

Agni Larsen is a registered yoga teacher who lives and practices in Victoria, BC, Canada. Agni is the founder and primary teacher of Akela Yoga, a fusion of vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, positive affirmations, music and ecstatic dance. Agni lived, studied and practiced in Boudhanath, Kathmandu for 4 years and holds a BA in Buddhist Studies and Himalayan Language from the Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu University. She has traveled extensively through Europe, Asia and Israel, teaching Akela Yoga 'Metamorphosis' workshops: teaming up with musicians to take participants through a spectacular transformation. 

Agni is notorious for breaking down self-created and social barriers in order to encourage her students to penetrate the nature of mind.  Her philosophy: First, accept where you are. Second, live it. If you want to see more meditators, meditate.  If you want to see more people coming together despite their alleged 'differences', be open and accepting yourself all the time. 

Agni believes in practicing contentment in here and now while cultivating non-attachment and letting go of expectations.  She loves visionary travel schemes to far-away places by unconventional means and pointing out the incredible chance of human existence in this unlikely universe.  She enjoys turning awkward social situations into beneficial interaction.  She is into taking responsibility for her own happiness and level of bliss and giving to every person she meet to the best of her ability while learning something from them at the same time.  She draws great incentive through the wisdom of yoga which speaks of tolerance and self-discipline, and strives to improve herself in order to better assist/empathize with others.

Agni has had the joy to train and practice with teachers in Sivananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sun Power Yoga, Universal Yoga, Yogayantra and Shrivasta yoga methods and the pleasure to learn and share around the world, from England to France, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Greece, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Nepal.  She lived, studied and practiced for more than three years in Boudhanath, Kathmandu.  Agni studied Sanskrit, Tibetan and Buddhist philosophy while cultivating a creative yoga enclave and intimate sangha.  She lived in Shanghai, China for one year as a principal teacher at several established studios.  She has travelled extensively in India five times, practicing and studying in ashrams across the country.

Agni practices and teaches Akela Yoga, a vigorous, stimulating vinyasa-krama and beginner to advanced hatha forms combined with the fluidity of qi gong movements designed to remove blockages from the casual subtle and physical bodies.  This yoga is a form of moving meditation, drawing awareness into the current moment to inspire recognition of basic freshness in every moment.  

Akela Yoga employs positive affirmation, body/breath & mind awareness and encourages those who partake of it to open their wings and become the hidden butterfly that is yearning to awaken.