Our quest is towards the nature of mind and how it fabricates the universe, the essence behind every iota of consciousness that we encounter, pumping through every blade of grass, every sunrise and sunset, in every breath and in all phenomena. Our quest is to open our hearts and really see, to experience the nature of mind by taking the ultimate risk: loving no matter the circumstance. Compassion, wisdom and self-improvement are paramount, let us delight in purification and surrender to our own true nature, our benevolent humanity!

Etymology of Akela Yoga:

☯ In Polynesian Hawaiian and modern Hindi (both derived from ancient Sanskrit), the appellation ‘Akela’ connotes a noble, magnanimous quality. The name implies a unique, avant-garde, rare, and exclusive rank.

☯ Akela Yoga is an innovative, Bohemian, original and unconventional practice with roots anchored in the antiquity of Indus valley techniques and radical rhizomes off-shooting through the ideology of Tibetan Buddhism.  

☯ Akela Yoga workshops combine a beatnik attitude with the sagacity of yoga and the quip and sally of a lyrical bard. We incorporate yoga asana with Sanskrit intonations, Tibetan rationale and global melodies. We guide you to learn to guide and understand yourself by providing a mirror for your own personal metamorphosis and transformation.  

☯ Like the shaggy lone silver wolf Akela, of Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’, as the leader of the pack Akela points his nose at the sky but it is you who truly see and experience the moon; the true self/essence of what IS.