"Agni Ng is not only one of the kindest and most humble human beings I have ever met in my life, she is someone who is a role model for all of as a way to live life to the fullest. Her body, mind and spirit shine through in her wisdom of the human machine and her ability to convey the essence of what being yoga truly is. Practicing Asana with Agni expanded my horizons, though simply being in the presence of Agni has taught me more about yoga than any yoga teacher training, book of theory or yoga Asana ever could." 

― Jitendra (Jordan) Bellan, Winnipeg, Canada and Melaka, Malaysia, International Travelling Yoga Teacher

"To this day Agni remains one of my favourite teachers and has been, by far, my biggest influence on the yogic path. Agni taught me that yoga is not merely about flexibility, but that yoga is first and foremost a spiritual practice; something we do not only to benefit ourselves, but also so that we are better able to benefit other beings during our time on this planet. Her qualities: compassion, kindness, generosity, and dedication to the path and others, radiate, and are what fostered my deep interest in yoga." 

― Ryan Wright, Saskatoon, Canada, also attended classes in Boudhanath, Kathmandu

"Agni's yogic flow is like the wind in the tree's, calming like the rustle of leaves. Gently inviting you fully into the now, guiding, if necessary showing you how. Movements become powerful as a flowing stream, radiating as One in true knowledge of Being. Bless you Agni You shine bright bringing delight and presence to all who Spend time, Classes with you are one of a kind :)"

― Chris Kendall, Raw Vegan Activist, Saskatoon & Vancouver, Canada

"'Agni means 'fire', so often retorted by the Nepali people when responding to her telling her name. But it couldn't be more true. Agni has an asana practice like the swift ebb and flow of the sea, consistent through all seasons, and responsive to all that the universe brings forth. In this responsiveness rests Agni's personality, that like fire, takes an impartial eye to its vision and engagement, and like the sun, brings light to all its vision reaches out towards. Such a joy to laugh, muse, dance, practice, meditate, and leap joyfully around Nepal and the Himalayas with. There is no companion like Agni, and no yoga teacher like her. She truly walks the path proscribed by the seers, and translates it with beauty to what our times ask of the art of Yoga. Endless gratitude, Agni. May your being spread like wild fire and continue to bless our brothers and sisters."

― Cody Popejoy, Student of Naropa University, Ashtanga Yoga, and Ancient Thai Massage; Boulder, Colorado, USA

"Whether moving calmly through gentle deep poses, or getting down to it with energy filled excitement and gusto Agni's continual expression of kind confidence, and exuberant passion lights up the inner world of Yoga for all who are blessed to be in her presence. She enables everyone from the first yoga class bewildered newby to the master of movement to experience a truly authentic connection to this lineage of physicality and spirituality leading back unnumbered ages. With an ever present dedication to working for the benefit of others, Agni inspires others to share and propagate the vast attitude of Bodhichitta in whatever one does, and her Yoga practice and classes are permeated and characterized by this deep compassion. From tailoring gentle exercise for those with injuries to boggling the mind with advanced and beautiful displays of the true capacity of this human form through freakish displays of flexibility, Agni's depth of experience enables her to teach and inspire practitioners of every degree."

― Dominic Russell, Byron Bay, Australia, attended classes in Boudhanath, Kathmandu

"Agni is the perfect name for this amazing girl. When you are in her presence you continuously feel her warm loving energy pouring forth like an inexhaustible flame. She has the remarkable ability to channel this energy making her classes so unbelievably multi-dimensional. I felt a warm welcome and an immediate flow of indiscriminate love and compassion generate within myself just after walking into her class. Her soothing and encouraging voice isn't even necessary to make you feel welcome and at peace on the mat; her bright face and broad smile would be enough. She enjoys encouraging people with warmth to find their imagined limits and push them further. Her ability to see all her students and offer detailed personal verbal instructions and adjustment help is unwavering, no matter how packed the class is. Every class of Agni's that I have attended had students of vastly different levels of experience, but she never fails to make everyone feel welcome, offering many different levels of pose modification. She is by far the most "connected" teacher I have had, and her pronunciation of the devavani sacred language is exquisite! And her music choices are always the most delightful level of eclectic to keep the atmosphere of the room fresh and bright. Constant attentiveness, loving encouragement, and a deep understanding of the supramundane elements...I highly recommend Agni's classes to any and all interested in beginning or deepening their yoga practice!"

― Mark Lungociu, Washington, DC, attended classes in Boudhanath, Kathmandu

 "Since the moment I met Agni I knew she had a lot of love to give to the earth and all its beings. Her Sadhana springs from a source of seemingly tireless vitality while her care for her students is readily available in forms manifold. I have learned a great deal and am continuously inspired by her."

― Waylon Belding, Vancouver, Canada & International Travelling Yoga Teacher

"Somebody once called it 'dancing yoga.' Agni's yoga classes indeed have a sense of playfully dancing with life, rhythmic joy and being in the right shape, whatever that presently is. Her classes vitalize and open my body and spirit. Deep relaxation after relative exhaustion. She is an amazing being of a kind this world deserves many more of."

― Niklaus Zumstein, Gretzenbach, Switzerland, attended classes in Boudhanath, Kathmandu

"I really enjoyed your class. It was fun. You had me doing some interesting and fun things I'd never done before. Your energy was gentle and kind yet powerful. It was fun to play the acroyoga together too. You have a giving nature and a youthful spirit."

― Dylan Haddock, Indonesia & Thailand, International Travelling Yoga Teacher

"I had class with Agni in Melaka summer 2010; was very fantastic. It was nice because we didn't just talk in class about philosophy of yoga and this kind of thing, we practiced! It was a good time for a very very good exercise, very good! I am still really happy for that experience. All the best, all the best with a lot of happiness for everyone, everything."

― Amir Esfandiyar Behzadi, Bam, Iran & Melaka, Malaysia, Visual Artist

"Best yoga class ever! It's a bit of a challenge, but the vibe is perfect ~ if you can't breathe it, do what you can. Agni creates an atmosphere of integrity, openness, and fun ~ allowing for maximum potential. The hour-long class is just right ~ great warmups for the mind and body, and an awesome blend of poses ~ lots of variety and scope of practice, from entry level to advanced to 'extreme' hehe ~ so ALL will benefit :) Yoga and meditation live in between craving achievment and fear of failure ~ Agni's encouragement, focus, and breath-awareness reminders allow her students to progress, while they remain in the present and the now; not an easy task. Great class :) Peace y'all!"

― Clyde Bersky, Saskatoon, Canada

"Agni's class is very unique from many of the yoga classes that I have taken. She encourages people to try poses that they haven't tried before (e.g. inversions and balance poses) and with time it becomes easier (I did my first "crow" pose last night). The chanting and meditation is so great and she always ensures that we are focused when we start and relaxed when we end, even if we were working so hard that we thought we couldn't hold the poses. She allows time for our bodies to absorb the poses that we have done, which I think is very important. Agni is a great example of how regular practice can move the body and mind in ways we never thought imaginable. I highly recommend her class for anyone at any level."

― Crystal Clarke, Saskatoon, Canada, Vegan Triathlete

"Apart from being one of the most gentle, genuine human beings I've had the pleasure of crossing paths with, Agni is a devoted and enthusiastic teacher. Her classes are challenging to any skill level, and she infuses each hour with her passion and positive energy. Agni ensures that every class is invigorating, yet calming for the body and mind, and I leave each class feeling stronger, looser, and more relaxed. I continue to highly recommend her classes to others."  

― Emily Corbett, Saskatoon, Canada

"Agni...your class was really amazing. I actually haven't ever been to another yoga class before, but I have a feeling that yours is unique. It's so unique because you know what you are teaching. You know where it is all coming from. You've been to the places in the world where it originated. It is authentic. Good teachers are very passionate, and you've got lots of passion." 

 ― Cassia Johnson, Saskatoon, Canada

"I love Agni's class. She reminds me that doing yoga is breathing. Focus on you and your breath. We always try something new. I am learning to just do the posing instead of thinking if I should be able to do it. Be child like - play. One thing G has helped me achieve is flexibility & openess in my body. I was tight - my favorite is when we sit with the bottoms of our feet pressed together & have someone from behind press down or stand on my thighs. I never thought that I would be free of hip/pelvic stress & tightness. This is the greatest gift! Yoga is not about what you wear but awareness. Give yourself a chance at achieving greatness - practice regularly- be it 5, 10, or minutes or more 'cause you deserve PEACE!! Namaste." 

― Andree Yakimoski, Saskatoon, Canada, Steep Hill Food Co-op

"Agni’s warm spirit draws people to her and her intense and empowering teaching style keeps people coming back. Her gentle guidance and breadth of yogic knowledge has brought new depth to my practice. Vinyasa yoga is a transformative practice and Agni’s dissemination of traditional teachings has inspired me to further my study and practice. I am addicted to the energy and feeling of mindfulness I experience during my practice with Agni." 

― Gillian Gough, Saskatoon, Canada

"Agni is one of the most accomplished yogini in the realm of Asana practice that I have ever seen. She is capable of performing all the poses in Mr B.K.S. Iyengar's book Light on Yoga. I feel very inspired when I see her practice I feel the same way as I listen to great classical music work such as the Mozart's. I highly recommend her." 

― Yos, South California

"My first class with Agni was an eye opener. My perception of her was completely off. This woman who looks like you could blow her over with a hard breath has the strength of an elephant, the heart of a lion and the endurance of 15 horses. This is exactly what she passes on through her teachings in yoga. Just when you think you can do no more, Agni is there to give you energy and words of encouragement. I recommend her yoga class to all who want to experience yoga with love and support." 

― Celeste Lemieux, Saskatoon, Canada, owner of Positive Passions

"Agni's passionate approach to teaching and yoga is completely inspiring and reaches far out into the community as students pass on her positive energy. She challenges individual students while also encouraging an intense class dynamic using partner poses and chants. We are lucky to have you here Agni! What a blessing." 

― Tamra Knaus, Saskatoon, Canada

"I wasn't sure what to expect of my first yoga class, all I knew is that it was something that I had wanted to try for a while. Agni's classes are so accessible (lots of different days, times, and places) and affordable that it was pretty easy to jump into the game. I've been to two classes now, and they have definitely exceeded my expectations. I never knew stretching and deep breathing could be so fun and rewarding. A couple days after my second class, my muscles seemed to be asking me when I would take them back to yoga class - it really loosens you up. While I find the class challenging, it is also fast paced enough for it not to get boring and I never feel pressured to push myself further than I'm comfortable with." 

― Geoline Isabel Hande, Saskatoon, Canada

"What impresses me the most about Agni and her yoga practice is her dedication to yoga as a way of life. It is something she lives and breathes, both in and outside of class. But in class, this dedication comes through in her teaching. Her genuine interest in yoga's potential as something much deeper and enlightening than simply a stretching and relaxation exercise makes her a very inspiring and well-rounded teacher. In addition to the inevitable physical benefits from her challenging poses, the potential for spiritual growth from her class is invaluable. Since Agni's classes, I find myself remembering to take deep breaths, to live in the present, and to remind myself of the intention behind my actions, practice and life. Thanks so much Agni for being a great teacher!" 

― Amy Cheng, Saskatoon, Canada, Visual Artist

"My dear Agni... being in class with you, is not just like being in a regular yoga class. With you we feel yoga is not an extra activity for the week end, but a moment to reveal the harmony with ourself and the world. You teach me how to be happy every single minute, because we are all gifted with breath. Paris misses a teacher like you!" 

― Stephanie Daniel, Paris, France

"Well, your yoga class is like chocolate and whipped cream and raspberries all mixed in and consumed!! MMMMMMMM.....DELICIOUS! It was vivacious and relaxing too! :) I throughly enjoyed my time with you in the class, it a was small, yet intimate class. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into the vibe of yoga to attend your class. Lots of peace and love and joy to everyone." 

― Miranda Greyeyes, Saskatoon, Canada

"When I had the pleasure of learning Yoga from Agni, two things she did struck me as different than any other teacher. One, she integrated the learning process into your life. She took account of your attitude that day and your living situation that year to teach to you, not from a text book. Two, she integrated the process into the entire 'system' we see around us. She took the time to help you with your diet and talk about your dreams. Not just a yoga teacher, a friend." 

― Sophia Mendelsohn, Hong Kong & Shanghai, China

"My passion and ability in yoga grew rapidly when I began going to Agni's classes. I was amazed with the diversity of poses she teaches. After attending many of her classes I am still surprised by a pose I've never seen or tried before. I always feel lighter, stronger, and peaceful at the end of each class. I'm very grateful for Agni's passion, sincerity, grace and dedication." 

― Melissa Nygren, Saskatoon, Canada, Musician

"I like to hop around to different yoga classes and Agni's is the class where I have the most fun. I love her flow, especially with the standing poses, flowing from extended to twisting, into bound and so on, then some how end up flowing into flying monkey. She does a lot of things that I rarely see in other classes, like a lot of partner work and having fun trying some advanced poses. Agni is also very wise in the theory and the spiritual side of Yoga, she has taught me a lot about the yamas, niyamas and other aspects from the sutras. Her classes have it all. Namaste."

― Dave Palibroda, Saskatoon, Canada