Cacao Ceremonies

For thousands of years humans have deemed the cacao plant sacred, possessing profound healing attributes.  Cacao was used by the Maya in ceremonial settings as it was believed that the spirit of cacao had the power to reveal and unlock the secrets of the soul!  Akela Yoga facilitates celebrational Cacao journeys that employ a sacred singing circle in which participants share, dance, speak their prose or poetry and come together over a ceremonial doseage of cacao.

Cacao can be used spiritually to expedite inner work.  It is a powerful heart opener, intensifying blood-flow up to 30-40% in a ceremonial dose.  It boosts focus and thus whatever you bring attention to, whether it be meditation, yoga, music, dance, or therapeutic work, will become more attainable.  The serene supportive energy of cacao enables people to branch out and experience heightened states.  It facilitates expansive connection to others.  

Cacao is dissimilar to other plant medicines in that it does not carry you away on a journey, but supports you wherever you are, amplifying whatever is happening inside.  If you're feeling creative, it will magnify that.  If you're observing the gap between thoughts, it will support your meditation.

Ceremonial cacao is strong and bitter; it detoxifies and cleanses the liver.  In ceremonial doses one may experience detox signs like headache/nausea.  If so, take it as purification and drink a wealth of water to support the body as lets go of whatever it doesn't need.  Raw foodists, those who are fasting, pregnant woman, and those with low blood pressure can take a smaller dosage.

Upcoming scheduled Cacao ceremonies.